vr equipping of weapons

Hi, I am trying to allow the user to equip weapons and shields in VR, I used a slightly modified version “BP_PickupCube” in the VR template. (Image_01). I manually set the location and rotation of the longsword and it appeared to go well. However if I go and do the same to the shield, it can only be wielded in one hand correctly, the right one Image_02. Is there a way to make equipping of weapons mirrored so I won’t have this problem? Image 03

When attaching weapon to hand (“Attach To Component”), use “Keep World” option for scale. And you also can check hand side and choose different relative position/rotation.

Sorry, I am not as well versed in this matter as you are. Could you explain to me in greater detail?



The left and right motion controllers in UE4 do not have mirrored axises. They are the same, so any mirroring you have to do yourself.

Somewhere in your blueprints, you have mirrored your hand. You have to find that code and replicate it for the shield.

I explained it badly on my part, the sword only “appeared” to work correctly because of it’s symmetry.
The shield isn’t, which is why it showed the flaw. I have not mirrored anything at all.
I hit this problem very early on and got lost, is there a tutorial on how to mirror hands? I don’t want to keep hassling you to help me out.

Sorry, I should have worded it differently: Somewhere in the Epic default VR blueprint, they mirror the hand. You have to find that code and replicate it for the shield. :slight_smile:

This is how they mirrored the hand, but I don’t know exactly how this is then brought over to the shield. Apologies if the answer is incredibly simple.
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