VR Environment Creation for FPV (non game just immersive) -Multi Question

Hi … sorry I have a mixed list of questions as a somewhat newbie to VR and Game Engine stuff … but if anyone could oblige?.. I would be happy for a small donation if someone could Skype with me to cover the basics of VR based on my information below!!! Human questions & answers are what I really need at this stage.

I do 3D modelling and animation (Maya + others) and digital graphics with a long term (20+) IT background (some but limited coding exp).

I’ve never had great interest in the gaming side of things however I’m looking into the options for creating VR environments that are more sensory than interactive. Immersive scenes for viewer experience.

Basic example: A Simple tunnel with machinery in it that is moving in its mechanical form whilst near to the viewer. This would be more of an industry educational aspect into dangers etc. Where the viewer is immersed in the scene in hazardous positions.

The other good example is this: HTC Vive / Steam VR - HANDS ON! (EGX Report) - YouTube at 3:09 Blue Ocean VR

My main requirement is LOD (Level of Detail) rather than worrying about interaction. I wish to make the environments believable somewhat so polycount real-time rendering of texturing & lighting are more important to me.

I would like to design machines in maya that have animations such as large mining drills etc. and have them animated in a VR world/environment using Oculus or HTC Vive. Not user operated just moving about cutting rocks etc. NO interaction just immersive!

The environment would also need fairly high detailed features hence higher poly counts per scene, objects, walls roofs floors, particle physics (fire, dust, smoke, steam, water etc.)

The environment would have audio to compliment the actions of the machines. Bangs, grinds etc…

Could someone suggest my approach to this ?
I know little of the gaming engines so please bear with and why I ask these questions they may seem stupid: I have my reasons to ask so thanks! :slight_smile:

So if anyone could offer some spare time for a Skype chat? I’ll pay (I’m a mature art student so funds not great) by PayPal or whatever.

Offers appreciated!

Many thanks

Hey Alan,

all scenes you describe are possible with UE4.

From my experience polycount is not the problem. Modern graphic cards (gtx 970 and better) can handle more polys than you think. the limiting factor is lights (movable lights) and shader complexity. and always remember that you have to MAINTAIN CONSTANT 75fps (Oculus DK2) or 90fps (HTC Vive) at ALL TIMES. slight judders (short framerate drops) absolutely kill the experience for the user.

other than that, there are few thinks in UE4 that do not work in VR right now (some lightning/shadow stuff have problems afaik). so just go ahead, create the scene, and if it does not run smoothly, cut down lights and shaders and fine-tune the quality settings until you find the best values that still run smoothly.


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