VR Editor Updates - Oct 20th - Live from Epic HQ

VR Editor developers Fricker and are joining us to talk about the new improvements they’ve been working on. We’ll dive right in and work with the VR Editor live to show off all of the features that they have created. Also there’s Epic news and Unreal community happenings to catch up on!

Thursday, October 20th @ 2:00PM ET Countdown]


Fricker - Technical Director - ](?lang=en)

  • Sr Dev Relations Technical Artist - ](?lang=en)
  • Technical Writer - ?lang=en)

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With mesh painting in VR, how big/small can you paint and from what distances?

Very content-dependent question. The brush size gets down to 1 unit, but that can be big or small based on the scale of your content. As far as distance is concerned, the brush end lives at the end of your laser tool in the VR editor, so really, it works from as far away as you’re comfortable using it. For most things, I feel like you’ll want to be fairly close.

A lot of these issue like typing or nudge left a little could be solved by voice commands , file naming , numbers all kinds of stuff and it would be a lot faster than moving your arms at all - so much of searching web and using phone now is voice activated. How long before that can be implemented . I’m getting older and little minute movements from working on the computers for 40 years can be painful over a full day of work . Things that can actually take away from using minute movements that are easy to say . I can say name this file psychonaught 33 version 7 a lot faster than typing it

Maybe the UI elements can be texture mapped onto objects in the world, this would keep them from either being in the way or out of the view. (This would work for in game ads as well…)

Does anyone have a link to the demo project files shown in this video?