VR editor + Houdini Engine ?

Hi there,

I am in the process of evaluating a number of different technologies in order to figure out what suits the needs of our project best.

I have checked one of the demos on youtube and I was really impressed by the VR editor, really cool stuff. One of the key features that we are after for our application is the ability to populate a 3D scene in VR in the context of set-dressing and layout for film previz. Think placing characters, animations, rocks, cameras… It might be the case that we need to export data to some other applications back and forth.

The biggest question mark for me at this stage is about Houdini Engine. We have a number of procedural tools in Houdini that we would like to use while we edit our 3D world in VR. Correct me if I am wrong, but the scope of Houdini Engine for UE4, is to use it within the editor to produce procedural assets so they can be used within the game at runtime. I am wondering if our Houdini Digital Assets’ in UE4 would be able to be set up in the VR environment in edit mode. I am also wondering if the parameters exposed in the HDAs would be able to be changed during the Simulate In Editor mode (so they are not just fixed values, i.e. pass through a frame number to the HDA). This dynamic geometry generated by the HDA would only be necessary during and within the VR editor world.

I hope that makes sense. Thanks beforehand!!