VR drawer and door weirdness.

Hello all,
Currently, I am in the middle of making my father a VR gift where I recreated a cabin we used to go to every Christmas vacation. I want to get some object interactions… drawers, doors and so on but I am NOT a programmer at all. I just dont have the mind for it.

Using the ue4 vr template, I have some movement going using physics constraints but whenever you grab and twist your hand theres some very gross shaking/ twitching going on. I have the correct axis locked on the constraint but seems I need to restrict axis from the wrist controller.
After following others posts/tutorials I have this but just cant get it right and need some help with it. Detailed help if possible lol

Here is my BP setup.

Any assistance would be great!
Thanks so much!

If you click on the mesh in your BP you’ll see you can lock the axis. Try playing around with locking the X,Y or Z axis.