VR + dedicated server - not working

VR not working when using “dedicated server” option. Both in preview mode and when the project is compiled.
Tested on both Oculus and Vive - the helmet just shows loading screen forever.
Meanwhile viewport on PC shows the picture fine (and even Oculus tracking works - when you move/rotate helmet - the viewport moves as well), but the helmet stills shows loading.

Updating to 4.19 doesn’t solve this problem.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Same issue in 4.19. In 4.18 we discovered it took 30 or 60 sec to load (even with splash screen disabled), but it did load at least.

Hi! I’m having exactly the same issue. Did you guys found any solution?

Just in case someone faces this again. Start dedicated server in separate Unreal Editor (just using shortcut …/path/to/your/UE4Editor.exe /path/to/your/Project.uproject -server -log) and then just use your editor session to launch client VR thread only