VR Controllers With FABRIK and Rotation?

Hi there I’m setting up IK for my character for use with VR controllers. I have the hands and arms moving with the controllers, but the rotation of the controllers only rotate the hand, causing the wrist to look broken. I have tried adding rotation after the fabrik nodes, but that breaks the animation, as the hands no longer go where they should. Is there a way to get IK rotation down the chain instead of it only rotating the tip bone?

Even a trick to get around the issue would be helpful. I have a full body character for this project, and it’s quite important that the movement is fluid. Thanks in advance.

Hello,Have you solved the arms rotation?

have you gotten anywhere with this, im at the same point

I have added twist bones to my rig. After the fabrik node, I am now applying a percentage of rotation to the twist bone. I am also using a custom build that adds dual quaternion skinning. It looks great now.

could you provide a screenshot possibly? do you still apply the entire transform to the fabrik node or do you drop the rotation and only apply it on the percentage of rotation node?

Sure here it is. I am applying the rotation to the hand with the fabrik node, and then applying some of the rotation to the twist bone after. The forearm bone is the parent of both the hand and the forearm twist bone, so rotating the twist bone doesn’t in turn affect the hand rotation, and just helps to blend the rotation on to the forearm.
Adding dual quat skinning also makes a big difference.
Here is a video before dual quat: This is Fine - YouTube
And here is is after: This Is Better - YouTube

How can i apply dual squat skinning for my model. I see in maya option have dual quat skinning. Bit when i import to ue4. Model seem to transfer to linear skinning. Please help me out. I use ue4 4.27