Vr compatable hud setup using umg 4.9

Hi - I have spent several hours looking for a suitable tutorial / template relating to the use of 3d widgets for a VR compatible HUD / UI.
This example is quite thorough however the HUD or inventory don’t display correctly in VR preview mode - I presume that this is because it wasn’t designed for the Rift rather than the fact that my rift setup is wrong.
Is there any new feature within UMG (4.9) which makes this setup straight forward or do I still have to go through the steps of using blueprints to bind the UI (3d widget) to the camera ?
*I’ve checked for recent posts and vids from tthe last 2 months but there doesn’t seem to be any new releases to coincide with the last update - the only 3d widget/camera binding tutorials relate to v. 4.6.
Any advice or links would be great.

I had this problem lately too, couldn’t get my ui to work with it. Anyone got any ideas?

I’d imagine one would have to attach planes to the camera and draw to them. Apparently this also helps with motion sickness