VR - Collision Issue?


I’m having some real issues with the collisions in my VR scene… I have created a Capsule collision and placed it around the Player’s HMD and set the “collision preset” as “BlockAllDynamic” (as Shown in the picture below).

alt text

Also, when I place an object in the scene it seems to move those objects collisions outside of the actual object so I get pushed really far from the object on one side and I can walk right through the object on the other side as it thinks it doesn’t have a collision?? (Shown in the video link below) I have also p[layed around with the objects collisions too and it’s changed nothing…



Hi !
It’s because your capsule component is always (by default) at the origin point of the VR Play Space. I recommend you to make the capsule component “follow” the camera location and position.
Hope i’ve been helpful