VR camera stuttering problem

Hi everyone. I work on a VR project with Oculus Rift . The project has a garden and a house. In garden when I move right ,left,up and down I mean with oculus, the camera is stuttering. But in the house there’s no problem except look outside from window. I’ve already tried defalut project but there’s no problem. I dont know how can I solve it my project. Help me pls and sorry my english by the way :slight_smile:

I’ve got the same probleme…

Maybe you need a realy high FPS number to “mask” this stuttering. Looks a little bit like an Input Lag or something like that.

How many FPS do you have inside the house and how many do you have outside? In my Project I had reduced the number of Polygons from my objects. That increases the FPS and lesses the stuttering a little bit. Maybe it helps you.

Best regards