Vr camera shakes when there is a scene capture 2d

Hi. I want to have a security camera in game that shows the feed of a scene capture 2d. The issue is that when i try the Vr headset (oculus rift) everything shakes when I look around. Its not an fps problem as i have constant 90 fps with the headset.

I am having a similar problem tied to media framework playback of video in our level. There was no problem before updating to 4.17. We have a constant shake whenever the player moves their head, and it only shows up when a media player in the level has loaded a source.

I managed to lower the shaking, not all but most of it. I disabled all the setting in my post process volume(motion blur, lens flare, etc) and now its working more or less. I’m going to use this for the moment hoping there will be a fix in further releases.

You could try reducing the captured effects on the scene capture as well. Expand the advanced settings and start turning off show flags as needed. Finally make sure “Capture Every Frame” is not on if not needed.