Vr camera driving upper torso (head and shoulders) setup for static seated Oculus Rift expirience

hello hivemind.

Im working on an static installation where the seated passive observer is taken trough a ride. The observer is seated and without controller input. just sitting and looking around. I am trying to find out how I make a setup that allows the head and upper torso to move within limits with the observers camera. Imagine the character is strapped into a seat inside a fast rocket car. your head and torso can move to look closer at the instruments but only a bit. Then ill trigger some different animations along the experience.

I have a simple pawn setup working but even if i parent the camera to the head socket nothing is happening when i move around.

I could use some help to get working in the right direction. What am i missing?

  • Im using a skeleton rig from Mixamo.


I understand you want the VR body (head and torso) to follow the VR camera so that when the player bends forward it follows it in a natural motion. For that you need to look into Inverse Kinematic. The FABRIK node, even though not very easy to understand at first sight, is a very powerful IK implementation which is available out of the box. You can find it here:

Some time ago I have published a tutorial on creating a simple VR body with arm IK. It doesn’t implement the head / torso, but the technique is exactly the same of what you would need, just using the HMD instead of the motion controllers and modifying the spine / head bones instead of the arm bones. You can find it on my channel which is linked in below (signature). Maybe it is useful to put you on the right track.

Hi Marco,

Thank you for your reply. I will have a look into the FABRIK nodes. I had a look at and will dive deeper into it.

Thank you very much!


Jaeger Jensen