VR body direction

Is there any way to infer body orientation form HMD position and motion controller position. Or anyway to determine body direction in general.

I understand this is probably complex but thought I would ask.

One of the simplest ways I’ve used to do this is to use a blend of the head direction and the mid-point of the controllers.

Most of the time during proper play the midpoint of the controllers will give you a good direction for the forward. Blending this with a bit of the head rotation can help cover odd circumstances. You need checks for the controllers being behind the headset’s forward plane so you can do some blending or overriding to handle this sudden change (often an instantaneous 180 flips as the midpoint passes through the forward plane).

Nothing will be perfect but essentially the only information you have is three transforms so sometimes you need some instructions/reminders to the player for how to play the game correctly. ie: “Remember to keep your controllers int he proper hands and in front of you at all times!”