VR asymmetrical game issues

I am trying to build a VR asymmetrical game where 2 players(2 pawns) are playing on the same machine (local multiplayer) using Blueprints only. One player is using the VR headset to control his/her pawn(VRPawn) and the other is using keyboard/gamepad to control his/her pawn(3rd person character). Now, there are multiple issues I am running into.

  1. Should I make 2 different controller classes (VRController and 3rdPersonController) and make them posses respective pawns? How to determine which controller possesses which pawn?

  2. How to display output from VR pawn camera to HMD and the output from the 3rd person camera to the monitor?

The 2nd one is the major concern for me. I could not find any tutorials for making asymmetrical game in VR in UE4 online.
Any help would be great!