VR as learning tool for university students...

Hey ya guys, I’m fairly new to UE4 (like 2 months).

I work for a university creating animations for new learning experiences for students, but am looking for new ways to deliver that kind of learning. So I was thinking of using Google Cardboard with UE4 but it would have to be on both iPhones and Androids but it seems iOS isn’t supported (see here at 01:04:05, Twitch). So am I barking up the wrong VR tree and maybe go in a different direction (keeping in mind I’ve got a tight budget working with academics)?

Thanks in advance!

Cool, our team is working with the University of Waterloo’s Games Institute on UE4 for Big Data research(bioInformatics, theoretical computational neuroscience), education and remote testing.

Our similar goals perhaps lends itself to collaboration. Contact us at

We don’t expect iOS and Android support until July 2017.

4.13 has some code that alluded to GoogleCardboard supporting iOS (but haven’t tried it myself).

Me too :slight_smile: Thats what got me into UE4 (Education type apps) - Here was something i made a few months ago - Still needs polish and i need to work on my art skills, cause programmer art stinks :-P. Although I work for Epic now (Engine QA), This is my last week! I am going back to school (again) but I’ll be making more education apps in my free time :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, great to hear from other like-minded people. I’m more of a graphic designer than programmer but always good to hear what others are up to.

Shame to hear about the iOS support because I know using the Google Cardboard is a nice cheap option to reach out to so many students on campus as compared to using say a few Oculus Rifts in a classroom.

I was also thinking of doing a test just using youtube and it’s Google Cardboard option but for some reason the icon for it won’t appear even though my phone works with the Google Cardboard app