VR & Architecture Visualization @ Cinemacon 2017

Hey All,

I just wanted to share some of the work we put together for this years Cinemacon. Attached are screenshots taken out of UE4 with slight adjustments in photoshop to be implemented in Screentrade magazine.

Our background:
We are a full-service architecture firm based out of Dallas, Texas with a focus in Theaters, Hospitality, Entertainment/Retail, and Interior Design.

The Project:
The Spot - Cinema & Bar w/ bowling lanes - located in San Marcos, TX.

Our Goal:
Allow people at Cinemacon in Las Vegas, Nevada to experience a recently designed project located in San Marcos, Texas.

Project was designed in sketchup ->exported to 3ds max where it was separated out into individual, clean, low-poly assets w/ uvs & matids, -> exported as fbx files -> imported to the wonderful UE4 where materials where project materials created, lighting placed and built, dynamic objects created (bowling balls + pins, and pool balls) , and vive vr template utilized.

This was my first run-through with VR tech and process… 1 month of work.

Furthermore, the project was showcased in the February/March 2017 issue of Screentrade magazine.
We intend to continue using UE4 for not only marketing of completed projects, but as a communication tool to clients and the rest of the team involved during the design processes.

Thanks Epic for making such a gaming/visualization/simulation tool for the masses, and thank you all for taking the time to look at this post :slight_smile: !