VR app without Gyrosensor

Hey everyone, I am Ganesh. K, I am 16. I’ve been learning UE4 from 3 months. I’d like to know that " Can we create an VR Android App without GyroSensor ? " My phone is Micromax Q450. It has Accelerometer Sensor, Orientation Sensor, Proximity Sensor, Sound Sensor, Light Sensor & Magnetic Sensor. But it doesn’t have Gyrosensor only. Please help! Can we create VR app using these Sensors?

Thank you in Advance :smiley:

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Ganesh. K

HI Ganesh , It’s really impossible to create VR content for UE4 without gyro, so better change your phone.

Thank you for the advice, sir… :slight_smile: But I’d like to wait for another reply maybe which can atleast give me an idea or hint to create the app… If there isn’t, I will buy a new phone as you saidTh

Thank you once again sir