VR Anti-Aliasing - Chrome Materials

Hi, Anybody know the best chrome materials to use for VR scenes that give the least amount of Aliasing. We are using HTC vive, Forward Rendering, etc. All the materials look great except all the chrome materials. Apparently we read somewhere that we must bring the resolution down on materials to lessen the Aliasing?

Some materials also have the dancing effect, ants moving across, flickering.

Are there any settings we can change in UE4 that can improve the Aliasing? We have changed the Aliasing to MSAA, taken off Motion blur and bloom.

Any help would be great, thanks.

I reckon it’s mostly the specular highlights on edges that cause really visible aliasing. To counter this, Unreal has a “normal curvature to roughness” feature you can enable in materials, and you can also composite the normal map curvature onto the roughness map directly. Look under “Compositing” on your roughness texture.

Thanks for the feedback. We enabled the “Normal curvature to roughness” feature in Materials. didnt make any difference. I am trying to use the compositing in Roughness texture options in Materials and the box is grayed out. How do I composite the normal map onto the roughness map, any chance you could give me a step by step process, sorry I’m still new to all this.

thanks again for your help.

Open the roughness texture, scroll down in the details panel to compositing, select the corresponding normals texture, pick the channel in the dropdown in which in the roughness information is stores in the texture.