VR and UMG -- Three Layers (Depths)

This is more of an ‘approach’ question than a technical question.

For my use case, I need three layers (depths).

  1. The VR Hands – on top of everything.

  2. The UMGs – beneath the VR Hands, but above everything else

  3. Everything else – under both the vr hands and the umgs.

The only solution I’ve found seems to be two layers. If I disable depth testing on the UMG, that’s a start, but the hands always appear behind the UMG. Custom shaders seemed like they could accomplish it for the hands, but it left them completely opaque white, which isn’t really desired.

What is the best way to create an environment with three layers (or depths)?

Reading material would also be appreciated!

Thank you!

One option might be to use a Scene Capture Component per eye to render the menu and hands onto render targets, and then using a stereo layer to project the render targets on top of the scene.