VR and Standard Game

Hey everyone! Im working on a game idea that im hoping I can turn into a reality through prototyping. I was wondering if its possible and if so how I can manage its but what im wanting to do is make a game that supports VR and non VR gameplay at the same time…I want the game to be played with a controller or the touch controllers, both will have the same views i just want to utilize VR for the 3d depth and being able to look around the scene a bit, just like an immersion sort of thing. This will also be multiplayer so people with or without VR can still play against each other without having to use different builds.

If anyone has any ideas on how to achieve this please let me know! I am still new to UE4 so please go easy on me :slight_smile:

You can set up different pawns and controllers for VR and Non VR players.

I’ve never done multiplayer before but it’s usually just a case of spawning in the correct pawn and running the console commands to enable the HMD - console commands would be run clientside. There have been a few threads on the topic of having VR and Non VR pawns in the same application - have a dig through the Blueprint or AR/VR section.