VR and HMD that cross walls

Hello everyone, Still on VR projects I wondered if there was a way to prevent the VR headset from crossing the walls. In my VR scene the collisions are all set, the teleportation works perfectly, the only problem is that when the player really moves in his environment he can cross the walls and see what happens behind. I also noticed this on VR games where for example by moving the head I can see inside assets (crates, chairs …). Thank’s for your help

You can’t prevent real-world movement but can use camera fading when player’s head is inside of walls.

Same problem with the remote contoller, the player can cross the wall and teleport in a space behind this wall.

Block teleportation when head is faded :slight_smile:

Here is my solution for flat vertical walls (screenshot from the wall blueprint). Not perfect, but it works in most cases.