VR and cursor (crosshair) and Menu

Problem (only VR mode):

when I look in the VR mode, I can’t correctly select the menu items (push button…). Apparently the coordinates of the mouse cursor position and VR HMD position is different.

When you hover over the button, button is not highlighted. If you move the cursor much higher (on axis X) the button, button is highlighted.

What I did:

  1. I’m made HUD 3D and bind to HMD.
  2. Now when I cause the menu, menu appears before my eyes. This is no
  3. I’m made cursor/crosshair (for example by Epic) for VR.
  4. In the Blueprint I get the mouse cursor position. Crosshair is correctly displayed in VR (over the menu).


How to solve a problem?


Some of that offset was fixed for me when I made a button that when pressed Resets Orientation and Position like this:


Sometimes there was still some offset but it was 90% better than without resetting HMD position.

Did you find a proper way?