VR an motion Capture

Hi everyone!

I’m using Perception Neuron suit to have real time motion capture in unreal engine. That’s work great!!! I’m also using HTC Vive or Oculus Rift for VR in unreal engine. What I would like is to combine both.

The problem is when I put my mocap suit and vr hmd, The camera is not on motion captured body. Is there a way to force VR camera to be at the same postion of the head bone of my motion capture character?

You’re trying to do what I did a couple of months ago ( video link )

Advice: if you’re using the Vive or CV1 it’s kind of overkill, because you will still rely on cameras, and having amocap suit to drive the body, but still using the teleport, it’s kind of too much work, that’s why I’m using the DK2 without the IR camera.

You should create a socket to the neck joint, then parent the VR camera under the skeletal mesh and attach it to that socket, and in case adjust the position/orientation of the camera itself, then you’re good to go.

Hi Enter Reality! Your demo is great!!!
I have a CV1 at home and an HTC at work. I tried the entire afternoon to make work. I create a socket on the head bone and make the the camera position and rotation at this socket. SO it seems to be the same method you use. It works in view port preview, but when I use VR preview it’s mess. The camera is really high and looking to the fllor by default…

Thanks :slight_smile:

It might be related to the CV1/Vive tracking which mess up everything, I’m not sure, but the setup I use is based on what I told you, but I also added some custom configuration to the AnimBP ( which works only with the DK2 ).

My advice is to test different camera position in the ThirdPewrsonBP to see if you’re able to match the position in real life…the “look down” camera is strange, since as soon as you hit play, even if the camera is attached to the socket, you should be able to use the orientation given by the HMD rather then the socket.

I tried for quite a while before getting good results, so be patient :wink:

With the release of the Oculus Go, would that work any better since it doesn’t use the camera-style sensors?