vr 3rd person camera

Hi im building a matinee movie 5 mins long and i have a vr camera set up with a rotating component to rotate the camera around my moving object. what I’m trying to do is change the default value for y through player joystick. basically allowing player to control rotation speed instead of forcing them to spin around at a locked speed.

this is how I set it up works just fine adept I can’t figure out how allow player to change values.

new to unreal thanks for the help.


You can set the Rotation Rate in the component in a way that is proportional to the joystick (thumbstick) input. The input from the thumbstick maps to -1.0 → 1.0, so if you want your rotation rate to be faster then 1 degree per second, you have to multiply it by another float > 1.0 first. By using the resulting value to set the Rotation Rate of the Rotating Component you can adjust the rotation speed proportionally to the thumbstick input. To do that, you can add to the Event Graph of your VR Pawn (the camera) a similar code to the one the documentation shows for the Construction Script. If it is still unclear I can post an example for you.

This said, be advised that many people cannot stand camera rotation movements in VR unless they are very very slow.


Thanks for the reply I’m not to sure how to set that all that up it be great to see an example. Thanks

This is how the vr character/camera is set up
this is the rotating movement from earlier
How to change this value in blueprint edited.jpg

how can I change this value in blueprint

Pretty straightforward. Drag out to the Event Graph a reference to the Rotation Movement component and use Set Rotation Rate to set the new rotation rate. Here is an example based on a simple mesh cube with a Rotation Movement component attached to it. As you press the V key, 5 extra degrees of yaw rotation are applied to it.
Hope this helps,


This is what I was able to make so far. I cant get a target on my rotating movement maby because my mesh is a skeletal mesh actor?

Ok. What does your overall setup look like? Is the camera that you are trying to rotate part of your skeletal mesh actor? Maybe connected to it with a Spring Arm? Does the actor have an own Movement Component? If so, where did you place the Rotation Movement component? Maybe it would be easier if you share your project (or the relevant portion of it) so we can take a look here.