VR 3D UMG good starting point


I am starting to build an game menu UI that will work both for VR and non-VR. So I am thinking of creating 3D UI with UMG.

I am pretty new to UMG but have 6 months of UE4 game programming so far.

I believe there is too few 3D UMG tutorial that I can find over the world wide web.

What would be really good route to learn this UMG? all the event/delegate with inputs and registering call back function in code side as possible?

I see that even the “Massive UE tutorial list” does not include any UI UMG stuff either.

If there is someone who is experienced in UMG/3D UI, please let me know any refrences and, tutorials!

Hi … UMG is not recommended nowadays, there are another post about that https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?34691-Has-anyone-tried-to-use-UMG-with-the-oculus-yet

At the beggining is not working in stereo/both eyes, and last time I tried (4.8+) appears like a displaced overlay if a UMG is active, I don’t know if Epic if working to fix it or definitely don’t bet for that way in VR.