VR 3d Camera?

So I been playing around in an app called amaze 3d in Oculus store. they are using some sort of 3d camera that is really amazing. I don’t mean the panaramic CRAP cameras that record 2d in a 360 enviroment.

i’m trying to find out what type of camera was used to make these 3d videos and where to buy one. i seem to only find panoramic ones when searching. can someone please point me in the right direction?

Hey frostic,

sorry, I don’t know about the camera(s) they were using but a quick google search with “vr 3d camera” or “stereoscopic vr camera” should pop up a few.
I found this article (ignore the 2D 360 cameras):

If your’re on the budget side, you probably want to go for a go-pro stereo rig or an “all in one” camera with multiple lenses.
The lucidcam is just a stereo camera but you could potentially assemble them in a 360 rig.

Otherwise, the best quality you can get is by using regular 2D cameras (DSLRs, blackmagic, RED, Alexa etc.) in a stereoscopic VR rig.
This can obviously become very expensive (the smallest and arguably not ideal setup will require 8-12 cameras at least plus the cost for the rig itself).

In any case, if you’re using single cameras in a 360 rig, make sure you can frame sync them all up properly or you might run into tough stitching problems !