VR 360 stereoscopic video

I need to create stereo 3d 360 video. I´ve done a 360 non stereo by creating an sphere and asigning a media clip, but i would need another sphere for the other eye and render separately in order to see one sphere in each eye.
Maybe there is another better idea even when i really dont know how to asign props to each eye.

I would also like to know if this is possible in 4.13 with the updates to the Media Framework.
I have a 4096x4096 top-bottom stereoscopic video that I’d like to play back in Unreal for viewing on Oculus and Vive.
Is there any information about optimal encoding settings and efficient video texturing to different cameras, and setting cameras for each eye?

+1 for me here too… I’ve been working with someone on a Material to emulate the Panoramic Twist with a 360 Media Texture, but responses fell.


There’s soo much info on capturing Stereoscopic in UE4… but not a video we put into UE4.

Been investigating that lately, and there are some hidden issues with parallax in your approach:
Two spheres are legit only when viewer does not change eye position (fixed head), which is strictly not the case for 360. So, from here you need a pivot for head, with eye positions rotating as a pair (turn your head in place, and you’ll notice the eyes changed their locations although head did not).
I found two working solutions: The Stereo Panoramic plugin and Nvidia Ansel. First one creates video, second does only screenshots. A bit extra setup and you can have PNG sequence which can be processed by external software into a video. Inserting meta-data then should do the trick for players.
Both of the tools do have drawback and issues, but that’s what I found. Anyone anything else?

Edit: Did not notice it’s about playing, not capturing. Still leaving it here, just in case someone finds it useful.