Voumetric Clouds suggestions..

Hi, I am trying to create some soft fluffy clouds for my world (performance is not an issue as I am only rendering the output via MRQ) My level is intended to look like its set in (or just above the clouds) much like ‘Bespin’ from Star Wars, id like the clouds to pass in front and behind the level geometry.

I tried using the volumetric Cloud layer as described here: Volumetric Cloud Component in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation but this does not interact with the world geo it always renders after it so not really usable.

I also wanted to use a custom SkySphere as my backdrop (not a real-time / procedural sky).
Anyone got any suggestions on how i could achieve this?

The cloud layer needs to animate if possible (slowly drifting) and be lit correctly. I am using UE 5.1 if it helps…