Vote for "Function inputs to automatically create Local Variables when added"

“Local variables for these inputs are generally needed in most Functions and this would streamline the process.
At the least, it would be useful to have the option to right-click a Function’s input pin and have the option to ‘Promote to Local Variable’.”

Lack of this issue is annoying for everyone working in Blueprints. Especially if you used to work with standard scripting/programming IDE where you simply type.
Of course it’s being ignored for 2 years because is “minor usability improvement”. And it’s true. Still, this is crazy annoying issue :wink:
Let’s show good Epic people how happy we would happy if they would fix this issue soon :slight_smile:

Let’s vote for existing ticket, people! Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-6936)
Votes already jumped from 11 to 16 after my post in 4.15 preview thread

But you can just right click on the pin, any pin, and promote to variable/local variable.

Definitely +1!

But I hope this request means automatically having access to the input parameters instead of just automatically creating local variables. So this doesn’t remove the point of Pass-By-Reference variables. I’m not getting if this is meant by the ticket.

Yes, exactly. Ticket requests automatic creating of local variable in UI for instant use.
Currently we need create a new local variable (duplicating simple thing!) with different name… So I often end up with input param “Alpha” and second local param “Alpha_” to use in function’s body :wink:

Bump! :slight_smile:
Let’s just add a few votes more :slight_smile: