Volumetrical/fluiddynamic water features?

I am wondering if it’s possible to make volumetric water that responds to basic fluid dynamics. Have a tall thin container, open it up and water flows to wide short container is the basic idea.

With Nvidia Flex you can

Will it be limited to Nvidia Gpus in production? Will AMD or integrated be able to run Flex at all? It’s really impressive and is fairly stable but I don’t want to cut out part of the market with the physics. My dev laptop has a 1060 and manages to run Flex just fine.

From the Nvidia documentation it looks like it should be able to support AMD DirectX 11 GPU’s

Yeah the ability to run Flex on non-nvidia hardware is a fairly new thing this year, so you will find stuff that says it’s nvidia-only which is out of date info. But in regards to integrated graphics, even if some have the features to support it, I really doubt they have the necessary power to do much of this stuff in realtime.

That’s good to know. Now the real challenge;

migrating Flex to modified 4.15.1 source code. I changed the engine to work with gravity differently. Will it be impossible to migrate Flex to a modified source solution? I’ve got the Flex source build as well.

What features are you using in 4.15.1 that you need that are not present in 4.15.0 of Flex/Flow

The character movement, swimming, gravity, vehicle movement files. Also considering importing a Flip Solver like this:


not sure if the Cataclysm demo is open source or not. It’s source code is in 4.12.5