Volumetric Water Shadows

Hello there, I would like to recreate volumetric shadowing in a Water Volume.
Similar to this:Uncharted 4 - Water Lighting & Volumetric Shadows - YouTube
I tried using Volumetric Fog, but it has several downsides.
It is really expensive and has heavy ghosting artifacts when moving the camera
For whatever reason It doesnt catch shadows when baked at all. There are heavy deviations from the original shadow (I had a Vol Lightmap Sampling Distance of 20!)

My idea was to use something similar to this:…ic-ray-marcher
However, I only see self shadowing in the end result and no word about environment shadowing.
I don’t want to use Distance Fields, simply because they are not worth it for just this effect.

Does someone have experience with this?

Here is my result with Volumetric fog. Notice the garbage shadowing

Long story short, on 4.23 and below, you need to customize the engine to do that gracefully and efficiently

Have you tried using forward rendering for the water material? I don’t recall having issues with shadows on it. If anything they were way too pixellated until I changed the mesh light map size.