Volumetric shafts rendering differently in the Editor and in the Player

Hello again,

And it’s me again with yet another small issue. The volumetric light shafts seem to render quite differently in the viewport and when I play/preview the level.

In the viewport all the shafts are nicely emanating from the center of the light and have a nice effect.

Whenever I play the level though, there’s one relatively ugly shaft skewing to one side of the camera and that’s all.

Please check the attached images to see the difference. Any clue as to why this is happening?



If it’s the issue that I’m thinking of, go up to Settings > Engine Scalability Settings and set Resolution Scale to 100%. I had this issue in my project using UE4.6, hopped online to do some testing. Apparently it’s a problem with having Resolution Scale set below 100% and the shaders behind gods rays (technically speaking that’s not volumetric lighting, that’s just an approximated 2D gods ray being drawn on screen, volumetric lighting would be something akin to non-directional translucency lighting; the ray being drawn regardless of what direction you’re looking at, or whether you’re even looking at the light source), it messes with the code that renders the ray and causes it to draw wrongly. I assume the editor ignores the Resolution Scale setting and that setting only affects PIE and maybe the launched game (pretty sure the engine just uses the Epic quality setting in packaged games by default), hence why it works fine when moving around in the viewport.

From what I understand Resolution Scale is basically a method of resolution down-sampling; the engine renders the scene out in a lower resolution and upscales to your native resolution / the resolution chosen / the window or pane size to reduce performance impact, however resulting in a pixelated image due to the down-sampling.