Volumetric local fog/smoke

Hello everyone! I would like to know how to create this type of fog: (5)
You can also see such type of fog in a lot of different cinematics. As far as I’m a newbie in this, I need to know everything from start to end. How to make materials, lightning, particles, etc. to achieve this effect. I was able to make something similar to this with the help of the Internet, but my fog looks blurry and unrealistic and it is also barely visible. I want to see beautiful and realistic fog in my project, that’s why I’m asking this question.
Some info about the environment. It’s an abandoned building at night time. There is no directional light, there are only local lights.

In Gears 5 they added billboarded textures to the areas where their volume fog was in order to provide the crisper details, this is probably your best option.

Timestamp: 47m 04s

If I’m not entirely mistaken, I believe the Shooter example template from Epic has fog similar to this. You may want to take a look at that as you’d be able to dissect how they created it.

Thanks for answering! I just watched the video, it looks like they’ve developed their own complex system upon UE’s volumetric fog. But I’m kinda newbie, I don’t know how to implement this at least partially

I checked it out, there are only particle systems. I’ve tried them in my project and they look denser and less blurry, but at the same time they illuminate weirdly, are always face-oriented (which is obvious) and have problems with intersecting other actors.
The only problem with local volumetric fog for me is blurriness. Maybe there are some ways to increase it’s quality?

Have you taken a look at the materials/textures used? It could be that they’re low res.

I’m using Perlin Noise from Starter Content, it’s definitely not low res. Even when I used the texture of high-res black and white lines, volumetric fog was still quite blurry and if I used a higher texture coordinate, the lines disappeared.