Volumetric lights without specular/reflection contribution.

Hi to all,

Is there any way to create a volume light without affecting reflections/speculars? I comming from vfx/animation indsutry and in raytracing engines is very easy and common.

Thanks in advance!

Since we can’t do volumetric only lights, you can get by with the light intensity <1 and crank up the volumetric intensity

You can adjust the “Min Roughness” to help get rid of bright points in reflections from point lights.

You can set specular scale of light to zero.

Thanks, this is exactly that I’m doing right now, but I didn’t know if multipling the volume contribution I’d have some problems in the future.

Good tip, but actually I’m using a multiple spotlight setup.

I’did it but the volumetric effect still apearing in the specular contributtion

Thanks for the help,