Volumetric Lightmaps: level streaming support


When do you plan to release support for volumetric lightmaps on streaming levels?


Would love to know about that too!

Is it possible to specify which level from the streamed levels to use the volumetric lightmaps from? Our individually light baked streaming levels overlap physically, hence the question.

Any news on streaming support for volumetric lightmaps?

Any news on that feature?

could also very much benefit from this feature

Any updates ?

Volumetric lightmaps look fantastic!
But since level-streaming is best practice - I don’t think anyone will use them unless they are streamed as well.

Is dev of this feature scheduled?
Thank you!

Any updates on this? I was hoping something would be shown at GDC19 for 4.22 but it’s looking like this feature is basically being abandoned if there are no plans for level streaming support. Like this whole feature was only conceived for use in specific one-off multiplayer maps with hard loads in between and not at all for typical single player titles that rely on streaming.

Would love an update on this one. This is a big problem on our side too.

4.24 Release notes:

New: Added support for volumetric lightmap (VLM) sublevel streaming as a memory optimization. It is recommended to enable bUseFastVoxelization=true and bUseEmbreeInstancing=true in BaseLightmass.ini (or better, create DefaultLightmass.ini in your project folder/Config).