Volumetric lightmap samples - black

Volumetric Lightmap Samples are completely black and Movable Objects are shinning bright. I’ve built the lighting in medium and in production. Calculate distance field is on in project settings. Skylight - stationary. Directional light source- movable. Added a shot of the settings. There is even no Volumetric lightmap listed on StatMemory.
Please help. What have I bungled ? How to turn-on Volumetric lightmaps?

Attached the skylight settings in the photo. I don’t get a lot of skylight DFAO settings since it’s not moveable.
The static objects in the scene are fine, only the moveable ones are too bright.
I’m mostly concerned that the lightmap samples are completely black. If I rebuild with the same skylight set to static, the lightmap samples turn normal and the moveable objects become correctly light. But l want a stationary skylight.