Volumetric Lightmap Density Volume works backwards...


I’ve posted my question in the answer hub here…ty-volume.html

But just in case, I’ve decided to ask on forums too.

So, my issues is - Volumetric Lightmap Density Volume, instead of concentrating samples in a specified area, does the opposite - it scatters samples everywhere randomly, and not where they are supposed to be. More so, it leaves the area withing its bounds empty, with no samples at all!
Because of that, I can’t illuminate my movable objects properly, unless I set Volumeteric Lightmap Detail Cell Size to something stupid like 20.
You can check some screenshots if you click on the link above.

I thought maybe it has something to do with the fact that I migrated my project from 4.16 to 4.19. So I created a new project in 4.19 and tried placing Volumetric Lightmap Density Volume in 3rd person example map. And the result still the same - it clears out samples within its bounds

So… Anyone?
No one has any ideas whatsoever?

I’m having this too! It’s very clearly got things exactly backwards. What the heck.

Tooltip says that allowed range [0,0] will force highest density. works for me.

Maybe you should read the Tooltip/ Description?
It clearly says it changes the Mip Settings of the Volumetric Lightmap.

I don’t want to force highest density, I want the grid denser where there’s objects and the opposite of that is happening. So in a building, sparse samples, and in the sky, dense samples.

Having the same issue at the moment where I am looking for a way to force more lightmap samples around dynamic objects? Is that doable in 4.23?

Have you guys figured this out ?

Did you figured out how to add more lightmap detail to dynamic objects ?

You control the highest allowed density of the Volumetric Lightmap in World Settings. Then you can use the Volumetric Lightmap Density Volume to either force the highest allowed density or clamp the density to only allow lower mips, which will improve memory consumption and bake times.

You can’t force highest, regardless of what the description says. Density volumes are really only useful for making density lower.