volumetric lighting with fog

I do not see those spherical volumes everywhere or even a few as in the video url below:

, in my large world comp scene. what setting am I missing to see them, or even one. I’ve enabled volumetric lighting, have 2 lightsources and exponetial fog as well as seen here, and nothing, I just want to make sure my visuals are ok given I don’t see these anywhere. I’m not that worried as the scene lighting overall is acceptable for not RT’ing , just want to be sure give complexity lighting can bring. I can post pic if needed.

Show > Visualize > Volumetric Lightmap. You need to bake lighting to see them, but they’re not required for volumetric fog.

Indeed, I just wanted to see if I had any, if not I"m doing something wrong, but the youtube video on the subject, the op said he did a ridiculous amount of them so I know mine will be minimum .

Nice are, and cool, reminder I enjoyed DS3 and NW2, prob. more the later, never really finished it ;)), I should.

TY for info appreciate it !