Volumetric lighting not building with sublevels.

Hey guys,

I’ve lost volumetric lighting since adding sublevels to my scene.

I’ve read that having meshes in the sublevel could cause the volumetric lightmap to not buid, so I’ve made sure there are only lights and an importance volume in my sublevel.

Still, when I bake, I’m getting nothing when I try to visualize my light samples.

Any ideas?


PS: If I get it working, will unreal build a different volumetric lightmap for each sublevel?

UPDATE: I was looking at the wrong visualizer. ‘Volumetric Lighting Samples’ is for the older method (SPARSE). Visualizing “Volumetric Lightmap” revealed that my cell size was simply too large for my purposes. (I have moveable props that need more lightmap detail to correctly blend into the baked environment).

I do have a follow up question. How much of a performance hit will a smaller cell size have during gameplay? My bake time doesn’t seem to have taken much of a hit, but am wondering if I will experience a performance loss at a 25 CM cell size. Any ideas?