Volumetric light shafts from lights are low res at high settings

Hello, I’ve been dealing with this problem for months and finally devoted 48 hours to testing it out, however I still have nothing. I create either a stationary or moveable spot or rectangular light with an exponential height fog set to volumetric and the visible volumetric light shafts are terribly low res and also flickering a little at the source. I tried changing everything I could, such as cinematic scalability settings, high shadow resolution scale, high lods setting, volumetric lightmap density volume with 0,0 settings, decreasing the volumetric lightmap detail cell size down to 30. Nothing changes. And I’ve tried this at production light build quality. What am I missing? Changing the lights to static solved the low res issues, but it just looks weird and terrible and inaccurate, so that doesn’t seem to be the fix. I have attached screenshots showing what it looks like.

Also for the spot lights I can never get the shape of the volumetric shaft to correspond to the source radius and length that I have set in the light. It always looks like it is coming from a single point, even if the length is hundreds of centimeters.

And something else worth mentioning is I once read that there is a global shadow resolution scale somewhere that might be limiting that value on individual lights, but I wasn’t able to find that anywhere.