Volumetric Fog

Has anyone found a way to imitate volumetric fog? Even if it was confined to a shape that would be acceptable for now.

Is this on the Unreal roadmap?

Hello Chieling!

I don’t think it is on the roadmap, but please correct me people, if I am wrong.

Regarding your request: I could try to create something like that, because I may need some volumetric fog for future uses. That may take some time though :).

Take care,

I did some more looking and found this:

it looks like in UE3 they had a volumetric fog option but possibly took it out. he offers a few other solutions also but they are all from UE3 im assuming because their are different material options available now.

Take a look at this thread: There you can also find a “tutorial” video :slight_smile:

They didnt take out fog, it’s in UE4. You can also use a lot of the same techniques described in that link, within UE4.

Well then Ive missed its implementation Jak. Would u plz give me a link?