Volumetric Fog - Shimmer - Detail

Hey everybody,

I am working with Volumetric Fog and everything is looking nice,
but I am not able to get proper shimmer with details (meaning more singular rays) but instead I’m just getting one thick chunk of fog.

I even tried placing a light blocker right in front of the rect light emitter but it only reflects in the shadows on the scene, not in the fog.

Light Blocker:

Any ideas?

Here are my fog settings:

Thanks in advance!


I forget whether Light Functions affect volumetric fog, but that may be worth a try.

Sadly no effect, not on the light rays themselves…

Think you’d have better luck if you posted an example of the effect you’re after

Similar to here: Light Shine Rays Screen Overlay Footage - YouTube

How the rays are split apart and create a shimmer,
vs. what I have now which is just one big chunk of fog.

I tried doing it with light blocking by a mesh, light function / no luck so far.

Volumetric fog doesn’t support light functions.

Make sure your light is set to cast volumetric shadows, and that it is not set to cast raytraced shadows. As raytracing does not currently support volumetrics.

Works with opaque and masked materials, not sure about translucent.

Oh perfect! thank you so much Arkiras !

Is there a way to boost the volumetric light effect if the rays are really tiny?
I tried boosting the light to the max but it’s not strong enough

Thanks again

You can get better precision by setting r.VolumetricFog.GridPixelSize to 4 (or maybe even 2, although that destroys my 2070) and you can increase the volumetric fog scattering intensity in the light itself (in my screenshot I have it set to 4) but in general, volumetric fog tends to be very smooth and sparse, and doesn’t capture detail that is extremely fine so I’m not sure how much of the effect you’ll be able to get.

Typically in games when we need an effect like this, we fake it with translucent geometry

I’ll give it a try, thank you for all the tips!
I like a lot how the volumetric light comes across when animated too so I will try keeping it with the real fog.