Volumetric Fog Shadows Disappearing & Other Questions

Hi all, Unreal newbie here, I have a few questions to do with Volumetric Fog that I haven’t been able to find definitive answers to on the net or on here - but forgive me if I have actually missed any similar posts :slight_smile: [HR][/HR]
My scene:

  • A directional light using CSM / far CSM shadows, and ‘cast volumetric shadows’ turned on
  • Volumetric Height Fog (With fog enabled, inscattering turned off)
  • Some basic volumetric fog particles to ‘fill in’ foreground areas for maximum god ray goodness
  • Lots of deliberate geometry to cast volumetric shadows from [HR][/HR]

Question #1: My fog seems to lose it’s shadows in the distance - is there a parameter that controls this?

It’s quite obvious, as you move the camera closer / further away you can see the shadow ‘planes’ breaking and disappearing - and not as if there’s more fog in between, it’s literally losing it’s shadows. No amount of tweaking to the cascading shadow maps or various console commands visibly changes anything other than grid size, which just does that.

Question #2: Is there a way to use ray traced shadows with volumetric fog?

If I enable ray traced shadows on my lights, they do not cast volumetric shadows. Any advice? I’d love to utilised raytraced shadows at the same time as volumetric fog.

Question #3: Is there a way to disable the “depth” fog from the volumetricHeightFog node - I want my scene to ONLY have volumetric fog where I have fog particle emitters.

Come to think of it, this is probably related to Question #1, as it “fades” in and out just like the “depth” portion of the height fog.

Bumping to see if anyone else has run into these issues?

Same problem here