Volumetric Fog on OpenGL SM or Vulkan SM


On Linux (exactly OpenGL is problem, not use of linux) I don’t see volumetric fog. I check out that in source code for OpenGL and Vulkan Shaders Compilers it is not supported:
File: UnrealEngine/Engine/Source/Runtime/Renderer/Private/VolumetricFog.h
inline bool DoesPlatformSupportVolumetricFog(EShaderPlatform Platform){ [TABLE=“class: highlight tab-size js-file-line-container”]

return Platform == SP_PCD3D_SM5 || Platform == SP_PS4 || Platform == SP_XBOXONE_D3D12 || Platform == SP_METAL_SM5

|| Platform == SP_METAL_SM5_NOTESS;

There is no SP_OPENGL_SM_4 or SM_5.
I checked, that OpenGL should support it. Eg. links:

Will it be implemented in next versions of UE ? Or someone implement it on his own?
I tried just to add flags in above method. The effect looks like vision of someone after mushrooms. (A lot of blinking colors everywhere).