Volumetric fog going through the wall

Hello guys! I am newbie here, came in desperate need of help! Hope this is the right place to post!

Check out this scene here: Very basic, nothing in the scene, created an expo fog, created a cube, a plane and a spotlight. Set Volumetric check box ON on the expo fog, adjusted spotlight cone angle, increased its brightness, increased its volume scattering intensity, set light to movable. At this point there is a nice volume light shaft being created. I rotate it to make it point at the solid cube. The volume goes through the cube which makes sense since the spotlight doesn’t have volumetric shadow casting on. I turn that on and it is at this point where nothing changes. In tutorials I have seen on this (link in comments), their light volumes also go through objects but the moment the cast volumetric shadow button is checked, the geo occludes the volume but it doesn’t in my case.

If I set the light to static or stationary, it is the same result. However if I build lighting at that point, the geo correctly occludes and stops the volume. But the moment I slide the ever so slightly anywhere, the cache breaks and the volume continues going through the cube again.

UE version 4.24.1 latest.

What am I doing wrong guys? I have the searched the internet for solution for days now.

Here is a link to the scene, like i said, it is very basic with nothing in the scene other than what i mentioned.


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