Volumetric Fog Effected By Light Function Material

Does anyone know if its possible to have your volumetric fog effected by your light material? I have a simple alpha mask in my light function material and would like the effect to be seen in my volumetric cone that is being emitted from the light.

Hi Three65,

Volumetric Fog currently supports Light Functions from a Directional Light source but not from Point or Spot Lights.

V4.22. There seems to be a bug in the volumetric fog rendering when absolute world position is used in a Light Function on a Directional Light source. I’m doing a simple vertical gradient on the light function to simulate slight fog shadowing on the lower grounds on my environment and the fog lighting now arbitrary changes depending on the camera direction and create some nasty square artifacts.

I have the same question. A lightfunction on the directional light does not reflect in the volumetric fog for me.