Volumetric Fog & Directional Light

I am trying to get my directional sunlight to cast some nice volumetric shadows in my level (god rays):
1- I have an “exponetial_height_fog” (with volumetric light activated)
2- I have an “directional_light” with “volumetric scattering” value >0.

But I still can see the sun rays going through the buildings, am I missing anything?

bump! I really can’t seem to solve this issue.

If you mean, that you cannot see some godrays, that should be created through the exponential height fog, then unfortunately, until now, this does not work with Raytracing enabled. Or at least, i was unable to get it to work with raytracing enabled, had no problems in a scene where RTX was completely disabled. So just make a testscene without raytracng enabled, where you test it, and see, if it works there.