Volumetric Fog causes corruption in Render Target

I have a render target camera I am using for a vector field for my foliage that sits 0,0,2000 in my level. I Use it capture the particle system I have that draws to the render target to apply offset to my foliage vertices so the plants move away from the player when he moves. This all works as expected, however when I turn on Volumetric Fog in my exponential Height fog I get strange frame to frame black artifacting and glitching in the render target draw region (But ONLY when the character moves). When I turn off Volumetric fog it all works fine.

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance.

I changed the Capture Camera’s Z height from 0,0, 2000 to be dynamic to the characters Z position (with an slight upward offset. This greatly reduced the artifacting to be much more rare, though still occurring here and there. But If anyone knows why the fog would cause this artifacting in the first place I’d still love to know. ( I have 1080Ti if that is relevant).