Volumetric Fog and translucent material question

I’ve added height fog and turned on Volumetric fog. I have one directional light in the scene. Then I’ve created a simple box and put on it a translucent material, to simulate a window.
So how do I make the volumetric fog be affected by the translucent material in the window. You can see in the attached images that the fog is ignoring the window pane.


Thank you for the guidance. I’ve managed to make it work and from what I’ve observed, the volumetric fog is only affected by masked materials, but it’s NOT working with translucent materials.

Note: Translucent materials can cast shadows, only if you turn on the bVolumetricTranslucentShadow in the staticMeshActor properties
Note2: When using masked materials, the bCastDynamicShadowAsMasked is turned on by default.

Here are the results: