Volumetric Clouds Not In Sync

Anyone else dealing with this issue?

I am having big issues with the new volumetric clouds in 4.26 too…
In the 4.25 version of the volumetric plugin these issues weren’t there, I simply can’t get the clouds to look anything like I had them in 4.25.
I was able to configure the clouds to look just like I wanted, but in 4.26 I can barely even configure the clouds to not have drastic artifacts…

as you can see here, the clouds now seem to have a vague blobby bottom layer and then these brighter and more granular tree like clouds that sit above them…
The tree like structure seems to happen when the overall height of the cloud layer is reduced to the amount I want in my game.
There just doesn’t seem any decent way to control this new implementation, it’s so frustrating!!!

This might help Making Volumetric Clouds in Unreal engine 4.26 - YouTube

I posted about this here: Unreal Engine 4.26 released! - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums

The sample material has a texture that is not tileable and so it produces seams, just replace the texture.

That being said I am fairly sure the assumption is you will make your own cloud material…

This makes sense, I should’ve looked into the texture map for tiling! Thank you so much! I’ll try this tomorrow, but I’m more than certain this is the answer to my problem! Cheers!

its funny you mention this video because I actually went to see his tutorial a couple of days ago and when I downloaded his assets there was an issue with 4.26 accepting his ‘uassets’. I posted a comment on the video as well

I haven’t tried the assets since an earlier beta so it could be things changed in the final release.
Wish Unreal would provide more information and basic texture options for clouds similar to what that Youtube covered.
Right now you’re stuck with a fairly limited cloud range unless you create a number of specialized textures and blueprints from scratch.

Exactly, was kinda hoping to cut some time off, but I could build a couple I suppose. I wish he would’ve included that in the tutorial.

I’ve got my clouds looking considerably better now that I’ve built my own cloud material. It’s still not as good as it looked in 2.25, I wish that whatever materials were in that version had just been included in the 4.26 release… :confused:

I’ve found a couple of new issues:

Has anyone here found a fix for this?